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Snowshoe Hare Loop

This week I joined the Bragg Creek Woodland Walking Group again and we hiked the Snowshoe Hare Loop in West Bragg Creek.  This is a fairly new trail and has been set up for snowshoeing.  I suspect it will be a bit too marshy for enjoyment in summer.  Because we have had a week or more of really warm, spring-like weather much of the snow has started melting and the trail varied tremendously, from snow and ice to dry grassy pathways.



A couple of short hills kept it interesting and there were a number of places where crampons would really have helped. As it was a few of us detoured under the trees to escape the ice.


Although the trail is well marked we managed to get lost briefly


but quickly picked up the path again and found a sunny spot in an open meadow to stop for a snack and a chat.


The approximately 5km took us over two hours with the stops.

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Hiking in West Bragg Creek

Yesterday I joined a group of hikers walking a trail in a section of West Bragg Creek I didn’t know existed.  We started in Highland Place and trusted our leader to identify  the unmarked pathways which took us along the snowy loop and back to our cars.

After a cold snap the weather was lovely – up to 9 degrees – and the sun was shining.  The snow has virtually disappeared from our yard so I was surprised to find how much still lay on the ground under the trees.


We passed the skeleton of a stag which had very probably been taken down by a cougar.  The hike organizer, who lives in the area and walks these paths often, told us that it took two days for the carcass to be reduced to its skeletal remains.  Her husband took the rack.


Some of the trees, birch or aspens – I have difficulty telling the difference –  had had pieces of bark stripped from them, presumably by elk, or maybe moose.


We had a number of dogs with us who enjoyed the hike as much, if not more, than the hikers.  They ran free through the woods and rolled in the snow. I was going to take Sherry with me but am glad I didn’t. Not only would she have vanished into some of the snow drifts, she would have been bowled over numerous times by the exuberant four legged hikers!


All in all, a lovely afternoon, spent in beautiful surroundings and with good company. Hope to join the group again soon.

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West Bragg Creek

Yesterday afternoon a white mist blanketed our yard and by evening the trees and shrubs were once again covered in hoar frost which shone a pale pink in this morning’s sunrise.  Just another example of Calgary’s capricious weather, since yesterday morning the sun shone, the sky was a deep blue and it was warm enough for us to shed our jackets and hike the West Bragg Creek trails in our T-shirts.

We met at Cinnamon Spoon in Bragg Creek for coffee and breakfast before driving through to West Bragg Creek.  Although we had  our snow shoes with us the paths were well trodden and the snow not deep enough to warrant using them.  We spent a couple of hours hiking the beautiful Crystal Line and Sundog Loops, where we met Mark cross country skiing in the opposite direction, then,  as we were all keen to try out our snow shoes,   Tracy, Barbara and I headed into the forest near the parking area where we made the most of the deeper snow lying under the trees

A well spent morning!

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