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Three Years in Canada

This January marks three years as permanent residents in Canada. Because I have spent a few weeks outside of the country, visiting Egypt, Nepal and South Africa, we will have to wait until March to apply for citizenship, something we are really looking forward to doing.  This is where we belong now.

Looking back at my blog after two years I can see how much has changed.  Then I was captivated by the countryside and everything that was new and different.  Now, although I still think we are blessed to be living in the most beautiful country I know, life has become … normal.  And that is good.  We have friends, a routine, shops and restaurants which we frequent and where we are known.  We have added another little Pom to our family. We have joined a church in the little hamlet nearby and enjoy the fellowship of the small but friendly congregation.


We have experienced all the ups and downs of everyday life and, most important right now, we are working towards opening our own business and giving back something to the community that has welcomed us so generously.   This has certainly not been all plain sailing, and I have recorded, and continue to record, our progress on another posting in this blog.


The year ahead holds so much promise – challenges and opportunities – and, I hope, by the end of it we will truly be able to call ourselves Canadians.




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