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Our new Canadian pup

On the 19th of November we took delivery of a beautiful little Pom – Sherry.  Shandy, our male Pom, came from South Africa with us so Sherry is our first truly Canadian dog.  In less than two weeks she has undergone a complete metamorphosis from the timid puppy that burrowed into the sleeve of my jacket on the way home to an adventurous, playful and curious little dog.

Taking a break - on my lap

Shandy, at 14 years of age, loves the companionship but is rather overwhelmed by all the enthusiasm and is probably not as playful as Sherry would have hoped.  But on Sherry’s first night here he got up 6 times to walk over to her basket and check that she was still there.

Meeting nose to nose

Although Sherry is our 4th Pomeranian we have come up against a couple of problems which are typically Canadian.  These, of course, revolve around outdoor activities, such as walking and toilet training.   The first time I took the dogs out in the snow Sherry simply lay down and stuck her cold little feet up in the air.  Shandy, even coming from sunny South Africa, adapted to the snow with ease and has never needed booties nor a jacket.  But Sherry’s coat is still coming through and her undercoat is nowhere near as thick as her new brother’s.  We will probably have to go shopping for a winter outfit suitable for our pretty little girl.

Sherry testing the snow on the deck

As far as toileting is concerned I have virtually resigned myself to the fact that we will have newspapers scattered about the house until spring.

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