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Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

We drove to Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park on Sunday and hiked to the waterfalls.  A short, but truly lovely hike.

Johnston Canyon

The first waterfall is at 1.5 km and a small cave-like tunnel leads through the rock to the head of the falls.

Lower waterfall

Ray going through the tunnel at the lower falls

Much of the hike to the first falls and some of the way to the second is along catwalks which have been fastened to the walls of the canyon.

Richard, Ray and Brian on one of the catwalks

The second waterfall, which requires a more strenuous climb, is at 2.7 km. Once the falls have been duly and damply viewed in the constant mist a short, steep climb through the forest leads up to the head of the falls and a different viewpoint.

Looking down into the canyon at the upper falls

All along the way a number of smaller falls cascade over the rocks as the water surges downstream and every corner turned offers another view which demands a photo-stop.

One of many small cascades

A path leading up into the forest

A restaurant at the trail head provided a meal, coffee and cold drinks to finish off our afternoon before setting off on the 2 hour journey home. Must do this again in winter when the waterfalls are frozen!

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