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Ole Buck Loop

We had planned a hike at Sibbald Flats again but found out via a hiker’s website that the lake area was closed off due to bear activity so settled on Jumping Pound Creek instead.  When we got to the side road leading into the recreational area and the trail head the gate was padlocked so headed off to Sibbald View Point and from there to the Ole Buck Loop.  The Trail Head for this hike is actually at the Lake so we missed out on the climb to the viewpoint by starting here.

The view of Sibbald Flats was a lovely way to start a hike which has few really good vantage points.  A concerned gentleman, walking back from the viewing site with his dog questioned our obvious preparation for a longer walk by telling us there were bears! Unfortunately, at this time of the year bears are gorging themselves on berries preparing for their winter hibernation so the chances of walking into one in the foothills is probably fairly good.

Pathway on Ole Buck Loop

We set off down a pathway flanked by conifers and aspens and had a good, easy walk, crossing the main road and heading for the bridge which leads to Old Buck Loop.

Crossing the bridge

Although we were alone on the trail for most of the time, we met a man with his son coming back down the hill on their mountain bikes as we crossed the bridge.  Taking the right pathway we continued uphill for the first part of the loop.  The trail was quite well defined for the first section of the uphill climb but then became quite overgrown.  As we reached the top of the loop we realized that the vegetation had changed and we were surrounded by berry bushes.

Barbara’s singing voice came into play and we sang and shouted our way for another 500m or so, coming to a stop when we heard unidentified noises ahead.  We carried on for  while but the noises continued and when they were accompanied by the sound of breaking twigs we decided that discretion was the better part of valour and headed back the way we had come.

After an uneventful return trip we sat for a while on a log in the forest watching a squirrel (not a chipmunk, Barbara, this is MY blog!) chattering at us from a nearby tree, and admiring the wildflowers.

Indian Paintbrush (I think)

An ominous roll of thunder got us back on our feet and we just managed to get back to the trail head before the skies opened and the rain began bucketing down.  Two small groups of hikers had passed us as we sat on our log.  I’m afraid they were in for a short and wet hiking experience. This is the third time we have hiked in the sunshine only to drive back in the pouring rain.

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