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Floating the Bow

Setting off down the Bow

Yesterday was the second time this year we took advantage of the beautiful weather to take a leisurely float down the Bow River.  All it takes is a few sturdy inflatable boats ( and in this instance, an inflatable kayak as well) and a vehicle or two parked at the start and finish of the float.  We start at Glenmore and ride the river as it winds through Calgary and Fish Creek Park to our exit just below 22X. One big advantage of this stretch of the Bow is that no motorised boats are allowed, other than the river police, so the float is tranquil.

Trees and grassy slopes help you to forget how close you are to a big city and there is as much pleasure to be had from watching the ducks and geese with their youngsters, the pelicans and even, during our last trip down river, a beaver, as there is from watching Calgary enjoying the sun.  Dogs splash in the water on the banks of the river, obligingly fetching sticks and balls thrown by their owners, joggers and cyclists pass by and optimistic fishermen abound.

Sun, water, trees, grass and the mountains in the distance - bliss!

We had planned to take our fishing rods along with us and do some fly fishing as we floated along, but the river was flowing so strongly – it took us 2 hours this time as opposed to 3 1/2 the previous trip – that we abandoned the rods at the last moment.

Next week we plan to take our boat to Lake Newell at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park and try our luck there instead.

Boats lashed together, Richard relaxes in the sun

Pelicans near the bank of the river

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  1. Looks beautiful! Nice to see you out of the snow for once 🙂

    Comment by zivor | June 15, 2010 | Reply

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