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Fish Creek Provincial Park

One of my favourite places in Calgary is the Fish Creek Provincial Park.  It is the largest urban park in Canada and stretches almost 20 kilometres across the city from east to west. Almost surrounded by the city it still has a feel of the wilderness about it and walking along the approximately  80 kilometres of hiking/cycling trails you are almost certain to encounter wildlife in one form or another.

Deer are a common sight and I have had a walk briefly interrupted in order to let a coyote wander off the pathway.  There are numerous birds including little round chickadees which follow you along looking for a handout and red squirrels which chitter at you from the trees as you pass by.

Two little chickadees

Yesterday, when Trace and the boys went inline skating along one of the paved walkways, we were enchanted to see an ermine scamper across the grass and then play hide and seek with us on one of the many wooden bridges which cross the creek.

Although cougar and bear occasionally wander into the park from the foothills, together with elk and moose these are (probably fortunately) not often encountered.

Both the fish creek and the Bow River flow through the park and its character changes with the seasons, from a winter wonderland to lush green forest.

Fish Creek in March

Fish Creek in June

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