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Sibbald Flats

Last Saturday I went hiking in Sibbald Flats.  I met my hiking companions at Petro Canada on the TransCanada Highway and we drove together to the trail head.  Initially the paths were icy and quite treacherous in places.  As we walked, though, the day grew hotter. We started shedding our clothes and the hiking paths shed their layers of ice until, on the return trip, we had to detour to avoid the mud.  Our goal was Eagle Hill but other than the occasional map along the way, there was little to assure us we were on the correct track.  Consequently we may, or may not, have reached our destination. Nevertheless, we had a lovely, fairly easy, hike, climbed a hill (Eagle?) and had a view, through fhe trees of the mountains in the distance.

Following the track down the other side of the hill we could have been in Tsitsikama forest (for the South African’s among my readers)  The same pine littered pathways and shaded trees.  By summer the aspens along this trail will have clothed themselves in green and this will be a totally different hike.

The snow covered trail

Leora testing the snow

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