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Long Prairie Loop Trail

Dressed for the occasion

The hiking trail

After a week of warm weather and melting snow it snowed all night last night, continuing through the day, and everything is covered again with a blanket of white.

Went snow shoeing with my new found hiking partner, Barbara, after a hearty breakfast at the Chuck Wagon in Turner Valley.  The hiking trail is in the Sandy McNabb Provincial Park close to Kananaskis, in fact, we parked at the barrier where the road through Kananaskis country is closed for the winter.  Started off on the Long Prairie Loop, managed to wander off the trail, as I am often wont to do, and completed another loop – ALL uphill – not easy in snow shoes, not for a beginner anyway.  Nothing daunted, we studied a ‘You are here” map conveniently placed on a pole, cursed our misdirection, and set off on our new route, only to discover a bear track right in front of us on our path!

What bears are doing wandering around in the forest in the middle of winter, I have no idea. I also had no bear spray with me, since they are all supposed to be hibernating.  After a brief discussion we decided that there was no way we were going to redo the loop we had just completed and set off regardless.

No further incidents until we got to the car park and discovered it wasn’t the one where we had parked our vehicle – THAT one was about 2 kilometres up the road.  ‘Portaged’ our snowshoes and poles and walked to the jeep in our hiking boots.  For all the wanderings a well spent 3 hours in beautiful surroundings.

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