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Plans crashed but I limp along regardless.

Je suis très mécontent. Managed to slam our vehicle into a concrete barrier after losing control on a patch of black ice.  As a result I won’t be able to make my planned coffee date at Alliance Francaise.  Guess I’ll just have to battle along on my own a little longer.  I’m nearly finished my first attempt at translating the French article and will go back to the beginning and start again, using a dictionary this time. French to English is really not the problem though, it’s English to French which I have trouble with.

Reading is only one of the four skills involved in communication, no matter what the language – the others are listening (which, together with reading is an ‘input’ skill), writing and speaking.   Listening (input) and speaking (output) are the most natural skills and the first ones learnt in childhood.  Writing, and therefore reading, are representational skills and have to be taught – however, for me, as an adult and a visual learner, I find learning vocabulary and grammar through the written word far easier.

Still, until I can actually speak and make myself understood, and listen and understand, I am not communicating – so I persevere!

December 11, 2009 - Posted by | Learning a foreign language |

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