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Well, I didn’t report back last Monday, but, in fact, I have been quite faithful in keeping up with my French exercises and am laboriously working my way through a French article comparing French and American Universities.  I am quite pleased to find that my reading vocabulary has steadily increased.   The difficulty arises when I have to try to write out my own sentences and, sadly, my French bubble collapses completely when it comes to carrying on a conversation!


Fortunately I have a few brave friends, two of whom are native French speakers, on whose expertise I can draw, and one who is, I devoutly trust, working on the same article as I am so that we can (in words of one French syllable) discuss what we have read.


It occurred to me that the way I am learning is totally different to the way children naturally learn their mother tongue.  Reading and writing come a long way after listening and then speaking.  So I have gone off at a tangent, reading everything I can get hold of on how children learn to speak.  Once I have got my thoughts together I will write another article on the subject on this blog.  But for now, back to work …

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